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Wow, it's been forever since I updated in here. Sorry about that guys. I know this is kinda late but my friend and I have dubbed October 28 Velvet Revolver day! That is the day that we went to the concert in Selma, Texas last year. It was our one year anniversary and we made each other cards and things and talked about the concert experience all day.

Also in my school I am in yearbook and we got to put names on the back of our yearbook shirt and I put DUFF! Everyone calls me that in that class, well come to think of it not just that class. People know me as the Duff chick. Lol. I have NO  problem with that.

You know what they should make? You know those purses with like Elvis on them and things?(They're totally cool I have an Elvis one =D) They should soooo make a GNR and Duff one! I would so buy every single one so I can have one for every occasion!

<3 Ash

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