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Duff In Sliders

So as widerightturns stated in this post made in vr_rox, Duff played a vampire named Harper who drums in a rock band called Stoker in an episode titled "Stoker" for the series Sliders. If you wish to rent it via Netflix of Blockbuster, or know someone who owns it, this episode is in Season 3, Disk 6 (which also contains an episode called "Slither"). I highly suggest seeing this episode if you are a huge Duff fan / love vampires! :-P

Duff McKagan's name in the credits

Stoker poster

Duff Drumming in Concert

Duff says to critic, "What you said really hurt my feelings. So I'm no Matt Sorum. At Least I've never dropped a beat in my life" and then kills him through controlling the car with his mind and driving it into a brick wall

Lead singer says to Duff, "perhaps if you didnt drink so much..." (talking about blood here, though :-P)

After the concert - I captured this right as someone's camera flashed, so it looks all bright

Duff lifting up Jerry O'Connell with his hands

Now and Then (50s Duff!)

Duff lifting dude up with his guitar ray


Uh oh, here come the vampire killers!

He's been shot!

And he's dead.

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